Axioms...from the Garden Guru;

"Landscaping is the icing on the cake. How much sugar do you want in your icing? That's what makes it really sweet."

Arthur A. Allen Landscaping and Organic Gardening Ltd. came into being in 1978. Registered in Victoria, BC, Canada as a Limited company that year. It is still a fully insured legal operation and a fully paid member in good standing with the W.C.B. We are presently located in Langley, BC, Canada.

All landscaping designs technical and engineered drawing, blueprints specs, etc. are handled in house by Martin A. Allen; and professional documents, calligraphic presentation and business administration by Bev Allen; the website was designed and created by Erin Allen.

Successful landscaping is a combination of high qualifications, expertise in many fields, a foot in the mud and the gift of being artistic. A marrying of practical common sense, a giganteum amount of knowledge and the love of the work.

We think we're one of the best.

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